Introducing Launchpad Video.

Deliver movies and shows that will keep kids coming back for more!

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Introducing the only pre-loaded tablet featuring favorite movies and popular TV shows for hours of entertainment at home and on the go.

Built for patrons, and for you.

  • Ready to watch right off the shelf
  • No need for WiFi or downloading
  • Easy to use regardless of technical capability
  • Screen timer gives adults the option to set limits
  • One-touch reset feature quickly clears device between patrons
  • No maintenance required between checkouts
  • Includes shelf-ready circulation case

Drive circulation with an in-demand content segment.

Personal devices have become the preferred way to watch movies and TV shows. With Launchpad, you can offer your patrons a relevant viewing experience on a tablet that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

A digital collection of movies and shows available exclusively on the new Launchpad Video.

Characters, brands, and series that kids love.

Bundled by theme and genre, Launchpad Video features popular shows, hit movies, and family favorites.

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Did you know?!

57% of kids

prefer a device other than TV for watching videos.*