Pre-loaded. Simple. Secure.

Playaway makes it simple to circulate audiobooks, eBooks, videos, interactive learning tools, and apps on pre-loaded devices.

Made especially for multi-user environments, Playaway devices mean no download or set-up time required and no need for Wi-Fi. Access to powerful digital content is as simple as turning on each device.

Playaway is the best way to circulate digital content from audiobooks and read-alongs to guided meditations. Our catalog is filled with best-selling books, new releases, evergreen titles, programs from the world’s most renowned therapists, and so much more!

Playaway Bookpacks pair Playaway audiobooks with print books for a fun and educational read-along experience.

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Launchpad pre-loaded tablets for kids, teens, and adults are immediately ready to circulate and made to pass from one set of hands to the next.

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The touch screen eReader built for circulation and pre-loaded with curated collections of popular, best-selling, and classic eBooks your patrons will love.

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The all-in-one video player that makes digital movies, shows, and award-winning educational programming accessible without the need for DVDs, downloads or a personal device.

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