About Playaway View

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There’s always a reason for patrons to press play!

Playaway View is the all-in-one video player that makes popular content accessible in a simple, portable and durable format. Each player comes pre-loaded with multiple videos making it simple for patrons to access digital movies, shows, educational programming and more without the need for DVDs, downloads or an additional player.

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Built for circulation. Pre-loaded for everyone.

  • Library exclusive format lets you make video content accessible to all patrons.
  • Pre-loaded player is rechargeable and easy to circulate.
  • Durable design stands up to repeat use by patrons of all ages.
  • Simple controls make it easy to use even for young children.
  • External speaker and headphone jack enable listening in any environment.
  • Award-winning and popular content piques the interest of patrons of every age.

Playaway View product and shelf packaging

Circulation Ready!

Every Playaway comes pre-loaded with content, in circulation-friendly orange packaging, and includes an AC adaptor for recharging.

There’s so much for kids to View!

Fill your shelves with entertaining and educational video content featuring characters, brands and stories kids will love to watch again and again. You’ll find everything from popular television to curriculum support on Playaway View.

Age appropriate

Content grouped by age for a focused browsing experience.


The fastest way to build a library of content by topic.

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Quick and easy access to the most popular content.